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10 Best Healthy Life Tips to Get You Motivated!

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

So, you want to feel motivated!


If you're like most people, including myself, who struggle to find clear instructions.

Or are you already motivated but lack drive & commitment.

I have 10 simple but effective tips to get you in the mood.

Fitness Fun Fact: You are never too old to grow muscle*

All 10 Tips doesn't have to be achieved in one day or have to be done on a daily basis.

It is very important when trying to find that drive/determination that you pace yourself.

Give yourself time - Which we will be talking about further in the blog.

Do not kick yourself on the days you do not complete a task.

Right! So what are the Tips!

10 Best Healthy Tips to Get You Motivated !

1. Drink 7 Glasses of Water

Well.... I'd say as much as possible, however the Health Authorities recommends eight 8-ounces, which equals about 2 litres.

Give your Body a flush by drinking water throughout the day. Let your body sweat away all the toxins which is making you feel lethargic.

70% of the Earths surface is Water, 

YOU are made up of more than 50% Water.

Add your own fresh fruit to your water and avoid buying bottled fruit water.

The hydration alone should make you feel more active.

2. Sleep 

It is vital you find YOUR sleeping pattern and the number of hours you sleep for.

Over sleeping may cause stress and under sleeping does not provide our bodies with enough rest.

You are never too old for naps either. Yes you have got time. Go on, set a sneaky alarm on your phone for an hour and close your eyes. Thank me later.

There are many clock apps in the app market which sends you small notifications telling you that it is your time for bed, because we all know how these TV programmes will have us up for hours.

3. Exercise regularly 30 - 60mins 5 days per week

Like most people, i also find it difficult to squeeze in a 60 minute workout.

However this is a very good goal to strive for.

If you are only able to do 30 minutes, please keep doing it and before you know it you will increase.

If you workout 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week that totals to 2 hours and 30 minutes of YOU working out this week.

That is much better than 0 minutes a day for 0 days a week.

**Mind Blown**

4. Set Achievable Goals

Setting Weekly, Daily, Hourly, Monthly goals will help you feel motivated as you now have an objective to complete.

Start with small realistic goals, too big of a goal could easily make you demotivated from the start. Your senses will pick up on it being unachievable.

Here are some small goals to help you get started:

Go for a walk. Yes ! walk to your local shop with your favourite music playing from your headphones. Along your journey you will find so many ideas pop into your thought bubble.
Eat your Vegetables. This can be very difficult if you don't like your greens this is why its the best thing to put on your goal list. - do something you don't like.

5. Laughter

Everybody needs a little belly tickle. Laughter is medicine so grab your friends or watch some comedy films.

Completely forget you had any stress.

Tighten those stomach muscles with a heavy ball of laughter.

The best thing about laughter is that it can be done at any time of the day.

6. Meditate for 15 minutes

This can be done very simply.

Find a quiet space. We are often always around noise whether it be cars from outside, tv, phone etc...

It is a good way to naturally let any stresses evaporate.

You don't have to cross your legs and chant but you do have to make sure you feel comfortable.

Close your eyes until you feel relaxed and focus on your breathing.

Ive recently started meditating in the mornings for 5-10minutes and it helps me to shape my day.

7. Eat Fruit

We all know that fruit is the healthiest foods to consume.

It is now easier to consume fruits with the use of new kitchen machinery.

There are various blenders on the market you can use to slice dice and blend your fruit into a liquified form.

Its good to have 1 piece of fruit a day although it its recommended to have 5 .

Once you develop a taste for eating fruit you will consider it as natures candy as they are already sweet.

8. Clean a Room

What i've always noticed is that when my room is clean or when i do any cleaning of a room i feel 10x better within myself.

Its always good to wake up to a clean room, everything will be much more organised setting a good start to your day.

Again, listen to some music and enjoy your time while you clean. don't make it a chore make it fun !

The same rule applies to your car. If your room and car is not clean this could cause added unnecessary stress.

I feel like its the right time to get a new car when my car is unclean. When my car is fresh and clean i feel like i'm in a new car.

9. Hobby/Sport

Think back to the toddler in you

Did you used to have a sport you used to enjoy

Start that hobby again or go into coaching

Researching videos should ignite that spark.

I go to the gym as much as possible but my hobbies such as swimming & table tennis bring back a nostalgic happiness.

Watch videos. Watching Youtube videos or your old videos will inspire you enough to start getting you in the mood to start.

10. Holiday, Escape, Getaway

Getting away from it all can be just what is need to restart your motivation.

You'll probably just need a little sunshine.

Although it breaks my pockets, i try to go on at least 3/4 holidays per year whether it be getaways or local escapes.

Its good to go with or without your friends as it takes you out of you usual environment and adapt to new surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 can-do tips for living a healthy lifestyle and feeling motivated.

Please share them with a friend on Facebook if these tips really helped.

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