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Does Mind Over Matter Really Matter ?

Believing and Achieving Visualised Set Goals to make the most out of Your Workout

Does Physiological Warfare really help when it comes to fitness.

What is Physiological Warfare ?

It is a method i often use in the gym which has significantly improved my workouts. It evokes a planned reaction within myself that has an affect on my behaviour, emotions, motives etc...

These value systems give me enough drive i need to stay dedicate towards achieving my goal.

So How Can You Do This Too ?

1. Visualise specific goals and benchmarks.

First of all, set a goal that you know you can achieve. If it is running on a treadmill for 5-10 minutes then do it! Now, notify the distance within the time period which you ran and aim to beat that the next time you are at the gym. This is where you test yourself. Its You vs You so i would suggest to not burn yourself out the first time and to take it easy. The next time will be when you put more effort into it in order to beat your time.

2 What Motivates You ?

Whether its a new music playlist you put together on Spotify or its the cool new PartBeast outfit you ordered online. Do you like to workout at peak times to spy on peoples techniques or to pick up some new moves ? Does the being alone in your own zone sound more like you ? By doing whichever you feel is more comfortable is what really makes you feel energised & unstoppable when it comes to boosting confidence.

3 Reward yourself.

We need to start thinking more positively, i was guilty of not doing this. It is easy to beat yourself up about anything, such as staying consistent in the gym or not sticking entirely to your diet. What if we started to reward ourselves with the same energy we beat ourselves up with and turn that into a positive influence. You have to change your spectrum of thinking.

4. Working out is a daily routine, not a chore

Its amazing how some kids really want to go school and the others cant wait to see the summer holidays. It is completely the same with how we feel about the gym. Some people can not wait to go to the gym the others feel like its a waste of time and effort. Its all about behaviour. Once you've changed your emotions and attitudes towards the gym you'll find yourself saying "I cant wait to go to the Gym !" Think of your workout as a part of your daily routine, ("i'm going to the gym today at 6 p.m"). Now, you are thinking of the exercise as a part of your routine and not chore.

5. Excuses, what excuses.

I set my self a goal once upon a time to go to the gym 5 days a week and i did just that ! How ? Well, after work, everyday at 5 p.m i used to dart out those doors and embarked on a 20minute journey to the gym. I didn't necessarily workout for those 5 days but i made it my duty to go the gym. The idea was to make it into a habit. Once i was at the gym on the days i didn't feel like working out.... I started working out - i couldn't believe it either.

Make sure you exert yourself when training as it will make the workout feel more rewarding. Once you have all of this in place you are on your way to taking your gym experience to another level.

Thank you all for reading !!

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