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Get your body swimsuit ready with this low-fat high protein diet which will improve brain and body muscle. This 1200 - 1500 calorie diet combined grilled chicken, egg whites, salmon and steamed veg will be sure to keep your hunger levels down and will allow you to recover from your intense workout. The consumption of these food will be sure to up the levels of your daily protein levels.


Eggs are one of the most popular foods mainly because its pact high in protein and are incredibly cheap to purchase. What you probably didn't know is that it takes more energy to consume then it provides, thus being great for burning fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. Egg protein has just the right mix of essential amino acids needed to by humans to build tissue. Additional benefits to eggs is that you can cook it in various ways to suit your appetite on a daily basis so you will never get bored. You can even used it in your smoothies for added protein. Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a natural good source of Vitamin D. Pancakes, cakes, omelette, protein shakes etc.. eggs are your friend.


Low carb and protein-packed, grilled chicken can boost metabolism and uses a lot of energy to consume which boost fat burning but provided massive protein for your muscles. Grilled chicken expels the fat in its cooking process making it easier for your body to break the protein for it to navigate to the relevant muscle. Another alternative if your not a fan to grilled chicken is to fry it in a pan with coconut oil and to finish it off in an oven (optional). Chicken is rich in Vitamin B6 which is very good for the heart and lowers risk of a heart-attack.


Salmon is great in omega-3 fatty acids which are good fats. Our body needs these good fats which not only burns but creates muscles. Oily fish such as salmon has been found to reduce hunger and leave you feeling satisfied between meals. Start your day with salmon flakes, salmon slices, either smoked salmon or cured, whichever is preferably to your tastes as longs as it is being consumed. The omega-3 which is found in foods like salmon are shown to improve the efficiency of various brain functions, including memory. Additionally the Vitamin A and Vitamin D along with Selenium which is found is salmon help protect the nervous system from age related damage and can possibly act as an antidepressant. Selenium is a natural trace element which humans produce that helps stabilise thyroid hormone metabolism.

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